It’s the last day of January and I’m already tired of wearing winter clothes! So it makes me so happy to find winter clothes acting like they’re meant for spring like the ones I’m wearing today. Definitely needed the energy of this Lpa faux fur pink coat together with this Tularosa white dress. They’re both from … Continue Reading

fotoğraf sahibi Emily Henderson Herkese merhaba, geçtiğimiz hafta yeni bir eve taşındık ve bilirsiniz ki taşınma aşaması pek çok şeyi elden geçirme dönemi ya da eksikleri tamamlama vakti oluyor genelde. Ben de şu dönem mağazalardaki indirim döneminden yararlanarak geniş bir “istek listesi” oluşturdum. Oda oda evime eklemek ya da yenilemek istediğim objeleri bir bir seçip … Continue Reading

Wearing this army green cape coat and chauffeur’s hat together made me feel so much like a soldier, a Russian one mostly. Snowy weather and leather leggings also help probably. This is what I wore today. Now I’m off duty, night night! Bu asker yeşili panço ve şoför şapkasını bir arada giyince kendimi asker gibi hissettim, hatta … Continue Reading

After 3 days snow storm, today we could finally get out of the house for work! I’m wearing thermal underwear, virgin wool sweater, and coat and still feel the cold. But that’s layers are here for. At least it’s a bit sunny today and I definitely prefer snow to rain, which will be starting tonight, … Continue Reading