Two months ago we had the perfect Amsterdam trip. Spent 6 days in the city full of shopping, walking, meeting friends and visiting every cool cafe and coffee shop in the city. Here you can find my visual Amsterdam diary and a list of all the places we shopped and ate at. Feel free to … Continue Reading

I met 15 West Studio a few months ago. We were looking for well designed, elegant and strong side tables for our living room and a friend of ours set a date for us with the duo behind 15 West. We met the founders, Begum Cemiloglu and Ekin Varon at their showroom and fell in … Continue Reading

It’s been 4 months since my last post and I can’t believe how all this time has passed! Blogging has always been one of my biggest passions throughout these years but sometimes life can get very hectic and busy to blog apparently. But at least I came back with a lot of good news! I … Continue Reading

I wore this outfit to the birthday celebration of two of my close friends. It was a very nice spring Sunday, we met at a Greek/Turkish restaurant called Demeti and had Turkish mezes and raki for dinner. Geçtiğimiz haftalarda Koray ve Can’ın doğumgününde giymiştim bu kıyafeti. Harika bir bahar günü Cihangir’deki Demeti meyhanesinde rakı meze için buluşup çok … Continue Reading