Inglot Crazy Nails

I guess I am the only one left not knowing about crazy nails, from my mother to my pilates instructor everyone has already get it done. Thanks to Inglot I’ve also discovered this very fun way to paint my nails! I definitely need other colours now… Sanırım çatlak oje olayını bilmeyen bir ben kalmışım, annemden … Continue Reading

Bobbi Brown Makyaj Egitimi

Before the New Year me& 2 great fellow bloggers had make-up done at Bobbi Brown in Harvey Nichols. Each of us represented an era so we also put on some outfits to go with the make-ups. I was the 50’s girl, Maritza was a 70’s bohemian and Style Boom was the millenium goddess. Each of … Continue Reading

The Make-up Video

Well well here’s the make-up video that I mentioned earlier but I have a sense that it’ll not be enough cause it’s on high speed and I got out of the frame in some parts. Let’s see this one as an introduction to the phases of my make-up and in the future I’ll make another … Continue Reading

Make-up Tip 3

Today I want to show how you can make a soft, natural yet remarkable look with simple materials. First of all you’ll need; a concealer, light powder, gold silvery eyeshadow, white silvery eyeshadow, white eyeliner pencil, pink liquid eyeshadow, soft colored eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, a red lipstick and a red lip pencil. Now, … Continue Reading