Kenny Scharf for Kiehl’s

Today I have an announcement to make ¬†about one of my lovemarks, Kiehl’s. I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’m a happy consumer of many products from Kielh’s. My beauty shelf looks like a Kiehl’s store, with my daily moisturizer, night creme, make-up remover, shampoo, hand creme and many more products. You got the point. … Continue Reading

Skin Care

Ok here I go, this is a common request for me to write about my daily skin routine. I spent a lot of years and products to find the perfect match to my skin and it had been nearly a year since I literally met Kiehl’s. I always knew and heard about the brand from … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Tanning

Ok here are my thoughts about getting tanned. Actually I’m more of a pale skin lover, so pale that you can see the veins inside! For a while I was very determined to not get a tan during vacations. I was avoiding sun as much as I can but since 2 years things have changed … Continue Reading

A Few Tips To Look Good All The Time

Today I decided to share a few tricks that I do everyday in order to keep my beauty ;) You don’t need to invest so much money or time if you do these few steps as an every day routine. Of course the main thing is to care your body, you know eating healty food, … Continue Reading