My Wishlist for Spring 2020

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Both you and me. I haven’t been writing here for over a year now, but I kinda felt the urge to go back for no reason than to please myself. I remembered the first time I started doing this, back in 2009. It was for pure pleasure and … Continue Reading

In My Beach Bag

We’re going away to Bodrum for a long weekend this Friday and I’m so excited to be able to finally put my feet into the water. I’m planning to do that for a few times hopefully in May and June because I don’t think I’ll be able to move or travel during my 8th and … Continue Reading

12 Pretty Pieces

Herkese merhaba! Artık havanın da güzelleşmesiyle keyifler baya yerinde. Baktıkça daha da keyiflenelim diye, son zamanlarda en sevdiğimiz aksesuarları bir bir seçip ufak bir galeri oluşturduk. Siz de bu güzellikleri görün diye buraya bırakıyor ve hepsinin nerede bulunacağı detaylarını da her zamanki gibi altlarına ekliyoruz. Keyifle okuyun, bizim kadar beğenin istiyoruz :) Laura Lombardi  | Dial … Continue Reading

Natural Spring Palette

Spring makes you want to add some freshness to your wardrobe and home. We couldn’t start enjoying spring fully, but we’ve already surrendered to color beige for March. Everywhere we look we see the oh so naturelle and relaxed beige color palette. If you also want to detox with these natural colors have a look … Continue Reading