Yenidoğan Bebek İhtiyaç Listesi 2018

Hatırlıyorum da hamileliğin 5 ya da 6. ayında bir panik hali gelmiş ee şimdi bir bebeğe ne almak gerekir, nereden bileceğim ben diye düşünmeye başlamıştım. Girdiğimiz bebek mağazaları da işi daha da korkutucu kılıyordu sanki, dolup taşan bir sürü reyon, türlü çeşit malzeme hangisini almak lazım, ne iyidir ne değildir yepyeni bir dünya. Resmen uzaylı … Continue Reading

Nursery Reveal

Hello everyone! I’ve finally found the time to photograph Liza’s room. I was planning to do that before her arrival but she decided to come on my week! So the only time I could find after that was near to her 3rd month. She was having one of her naps and I snapped these photos with … Continue Reading

House Party Food

Last weekend we hosted a house party at our new apartment. We invited 15 people and prepared a table for everyone to enjoy. I think this kind of party food is best when you’re hosting more than 8 people at once. A cheese plate, potato and vegetable chips, dipping sauce, bread slices with toppings, fruits … Continue Reading

Our Stockholm Trip

Hi everyone! Here I am again with a brand new must-see list of a brand new city I visited. It’s not the city which is brand new obviously, it’s my trip. So let me tell you the details first.Last week we visited Stockholm for the first time in our lives and before we go we … Continue Reading