Strawberry Pie

This week we had a crazy snow storm in Istanbul. It was impossible to leave the house and I was already in a bitter mood so I did basically nothing for 3 days. And yesterday I finally felt a need to create something and thought about doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for … Continue Reading

Home Made Cappuccino

This week we’ll talk about on a subject that I was meaning to share for a while. How would you make a perfect cappuccino at home? In this short video below, you’ll see the way to make a cup of cappuccino that you’ll enjoy at home or make for your guests. I hope you’ll like … Continue Reading

Let’s Prepare Guacamole

Last evening we watched Jamie Oliver’s show and couldn’t help ourselves to prepare this delicious guacamole recipe right away! Dün akşam Jamie Oliver’ın programına rastlayıp bu harika guacamole tarifini izledik. Kolları sıvayıp hemen mutfağa gitmeden edemedik! 2 adet avokadoyu mixerin içine koyun Taze soğanları hazırlayın Kırmızı biber ve taze soğanları doğrayın Mikserin içine ekleyin Bu … Continue Reading

Let’s Make A Pizza!

A few weeks ago we decided to make a home made pizza! While my boyfriend were doing all the work I found this delicious view really fascinating and decided to photograph the process. Now I want to share this part of my life with you…Birkaç hafta önce ev pizzası yapmak için kolları sıvadık. Bütün işi … Continue Reading