These are few items that I really need to have… I have lots of needs but right now I can’t think anything but them! Ok maybe not just them, a girl needs many more things than that, but I couldn’t find the pics of my other needs :) For now, they’re so gorgeous and must haves for me…

I meant the clutch in this pic
Oh so lovely :)

Anyway I’ve got to write my thesis. A screenplay, it’s about 2 siblings having special powers in dreams. They will make a fight with “bad men

to make them stop destroying dreams. Bla Bla I like my story I wish I had a fund to make the movie of my dreams but hey! Who has? Ok maybe Peter Jackson has, but I don’t want to make films in the future anyway.
Right now I just want to have a job that will make me buy all my needs…
Loving life loving fashion and loving to write
See ya!

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