Today I want to show how you can make a soft, natural yet remarkable look with simple materials. First of all you’ll need; a concealer, light powder, gold silvery eyeshadow, white silvery eyeshadow, white eyeliner pencil, pink liquid eyeshadow, soft colored eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, a red lipstick and a red lip pencil.

Now, put the concealer around your eyes. Spread it over completely. Then apply the light powder on the same part, all over the eyes. Use gold silvery eyeshadow on inner corners of the eye then apply the white eyeliner pencil on the waterline. Put soft colored eyeshadow on your eyelid then apply some pink liquid eyeshadow under the brow bone. Use white eyeshadow under the eyebrows and under the eyes. Draw a very thin line to the outer corners of the eye with the black eyeliner. Apply mascara carefully only to the top lashes. Finally put the red lipstick on and then draw a border line on the lips to correct and finalize.

I used Body Shop powder, Maybelline concealer, L’oreal golden and white silvery eyeshadows, Alix Avien eyeliner, L’oreal red lipstick and Telescopic Mascara. I don’t remember where I got the pink and the soft eyeshadows. They are bransless I suppose :)

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