These days I’m spending most of my time at the new office, thinking about how I will decorate it. I have many little decorative items I’ve collected through my travels around different cities in the world and I can’t wait to put every one of them in use soon. But I’m not a hasty person when it comes to decorating. I believe you have to take time and digest every corner of the space you’re decorating, before making permanent additions. Examine when it gets the most light during the day, try to choose the spot where you feel more energized to put your desk into etc. Right now I’m at that moment, where I imagine everything in my own head and still waiting the exact moment when everything will be perfect, to take action. There are many things that inspire me during this period. Planning my next trip makes me feel excited or going through magazines brings many ideas to my head. And eventually, they will all gather up and create something solid. And I believe within time, this space will be my favorite place!

At the office wearing Calvin Klein light silver watch



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