Well, today I want to show how I made a fun colorful look with simple and easy to find materials.

You’ll need; a silver liquid eye shadow mine is from MAC, a pink wet eyeshadow I used Kryolan, a purple eyeliner mine is Bourjois, a turquoise eye pencil also Bourjois and a blue mascara, from maybelline.

First cover your whole upper eyelid with silver eyeshadow. Then apply the pink eyeshadow over the silver, go till the brow bone but stop at the center of the eye. Then extend the pink over your temporal and cheek. Get the purple eyeliner and line it alongside top lashes, line the turquoise pencil under the lower lashes and apply blue mascara both top and lower lashes. At last use a berry colored lipstick, any will do. Voila!

But I recommend you to use brush cause I used my hands and that’s the consequence :) Take care!

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